3D Map New Zealand


About the Maps

The maps and satellite imagery shown by the app comes from Toitū Te Whenua / Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), New Zealand's official mapping agency. The maps are the same as their paper maps.

The app offers maps at two scales. The 1:250,000 maps give a good overview and are suitable for planning and driving. The 1:50,000 maps are much more detailed and are suitable for hiking and similar outdoor activities.

The satellite imagery is relatively low resolution with one pixel covering about 20x20 m on the ground.

The map and other data is made available by LINZ free of charge with a Creative Commons licence. This licence allows you to re-use the maps as you like, provided that you acknowledge LINZ.

About Us

Mappendix Limited has been developing offline map apps for iOS since 2009. We have popular apps for the United Kingdom and the United Sates and Canada. You'll find some obvious similarities between the apps, and also some differences.

Future Plans

This app includes many of the most popular features of our other two apps, but there are plenty of things that we haven't implemented in the current version. We would be interested to hear your thoughts about what we should add next - do get in touch and let us know.

Here are some of the things that our other apps do, but this one doesn't yet: