3D Map New Zealand


28 November 2023 - Version 1.3 Released (read more...)

Topographic maps from LINZ—now in 3D

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View traditional topographic maps from LINZ, just like the paper maps, on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. View both 1:250,000 and 1:50,000 maps in 2D and 3D; also view satellite imagery, and a hybrid map that overlays the topographic map on the imagery.

These 1:250,000 maps are built in to the app.
Download the 1:50,000 maps that you need. No internet connection needed once maps are downloaded.
Select maps to download using this grid.
View the maps in 3D.
Hybrid map mode superimposes the topographic map on satellite imagery.
Panorama Mode shades the map to indicate what's visible from any selected point, and shows a silhouette of the view.
Full screen panorama can be panned and zoomed.
Built-in search data is from the New Zealand Geographic Board.
Mark waypoints by tapping once on the map.
Choose a combination of symbols, colours and sizes for your waypoints.
Draw routes on the map.
Import and view GPX files containing tracks and routes from websites and other apps.
Show graphs of altitude and speed for tracks and routes.
Rotate the map with the compass.
Settings include coordinate and bearing display formats.
Customise the app's button layout to make the features you use most accessible.